Innovative Upgrades from AMKUS

Check out some of the new Innovative Upgrades Amkus is offering!

  • Lighted handles that you can quickly and easily upgrade your existing swiveling handles on your AMK-21A and AMK-22 Cutters!
  • Upgrade your current rubber Control Valve Grip to one made from billet aluminum that enhances grip and precise tool control with a gloved hand.
  • Mono Coupler is hot swappable allowing connecting and disconnecting of tools while the line is under flow.
  • Color Mono Coupler Sleeves can identify hydraulic lines or specific tools aiding reaction times and standardizing procedures.
  • Extended Reach Tips fit AMK-24 and AMK30CRT and upgradeable for the 30CX.  Increases spread up to 8 inches without loss of power.
  • Gator Tips have an aggressive tooth pattern that won’t slip and beveled edges that don’t rip sheet metal.  Wider Shoulder scoop-out cradles the load while opposing teeth grip with arms wide open. Easy on and off with one gloved hand.
  • Super Swivels allows hose to be positioned or moved to prevent crushing.  Gives complete maneuverability of hose and use of full length of tool connection hose.
  • GH2B-MCH Mini Simo power unit with BOOST mode increases tool speed in both pump stages, 3 position control valve, increased first stage pressure reduces cycle times and operates 2 tools simultaneously.
  • Download the PDF here Diamondback Innovative Upgrades